About Us
About Us

Story behind Malti Agaravarthi’s Birth

In owner’s word: when we lose someone very close to our heart there is a void left which can’t be filled. We tend to associate different things liking disliking to our loved ones around us. In my case Fragrance is heavily associated with my Mother’s. She had a purposeful and meaningful life. She served sick, helped needy and poor all her life. She touched so many lives and brought positive changes in many ways.

She was so fond of fragrances after she returns home from work any time of the day she will lit up few incense sticks, circulate the fragrances in entire home and our home used to be filled with the sweet aromas all the time. Unknowingly the fragrance did wonders in our lives. After she passed away in 2015 I tried to fill that void and started Malti Agaravarthi in my mother’s name. It is our way to show gratitude and pay homage to her. We also incorporated handcrafted packing material be it handcrafted wooden box or jute packs. Everything is hand made from scratch. It served two very important purposes: First a small contribution to the livelihood of the KARIGARS crafting beautiful pieces of art. Second humble effort to keep wastage of packing materials to minimal. We have refill pack available which can be used to refill the jute packs as well as wooden boxes. Our motive is to provide our people the luxury fragrances at affordable price so they can feel the same calming effect and positive energies all around them.

Our History

Malti Agaravarthi represents Indian cultural heritage. The word Agaravarthi is a Sanskrit word. The burning of Agravarthi or incense stick has a deep meaning of sacrificing oneself for society. The way the sticks burns to ashes but fill the environment with pleasant fragrance, the same way we are supposed to live our lives. At Malti Agaravarthi we are preparing pure masala incense sticks and cones based on our centuries old techniques. All the ingredients used in the making of Malti Agravarthi products masala are pure natural and organic. The shelf life of Malti Agravarthi products is much longer and the freshness of premium products remains intact for couple of years that is the beauty of Malti Agaravarthi. 

Factory Pictures and Video

Malti Agaravarthi Hand Rolling process:

Experienced Hand Working Together to make finest Masala Agaravarthi:

Experience Matters When you are maintaining a legacy:

Packing Process for International Orders:

Handcrafted Wooden Box Engraving Process:

Carving Work on Malti Agaravarthi Wooden Boxes:

Skilled Seepy Work on Malti Agaravarthi Wooden Boxes:

Fine Engraving on Wooden Boxes for Malti Agaravarthi:

Wax Polishing Work on Premium Malti Agaravarthi Gift Boxes:

Malti Agaravarthi Making Process:

Malti Agaravarthi Making Process:

Malti Agaravarthi Box Making Process:

Malti Agaravarthi Box Chipping Process:

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