Malti Agravarthi Products

 Are your products vegan friendly?

Yes! all of our products and the ingredients used to make Malti Agaravarthi products are 100% vegan.

 Are your products herbal?

Yes the ingredients used in Malti Agaravarthi products are plant based.

 How many sticks of incense are in a pack?

There are 20 sticks to 40 sticks in each pack (written on every pack).

How long do your incense sticks burn for?

Each stick is around 8 inch long and will burn for approximately 45-60 minutes (written on every pack).

 Is your packaging eco-friendly too? 

We are trying our best and incorporated reusable packing like jute packs and wooden boxes to reduce packaging material waste to minimum. Also refill packs are available now to further add to the purpose.


Shipping/ Returns

Do you ship Malti Agaravarthi products?

Yes. We deliver products at your doorstep fast through best courier services available across India.

How long does it take the product to reach me? 

Our products are shipped directly from factory and it takes us 3 -5 days to deliver goods to your doorstep depending on client's geographical location.

How can I buy the products in bulk?

Malti Agaravarthi products are irresistible to buy . You can place bulk orders request by contacting us via agaravarthi@gmail.com or just call us at +91-9911997722 (10 AM - 6 PM, Monday to Saturday).

I have received a damaged product, what should I do?

Please reach us at agaravarthi@gmail.com or just call us at +91-9911997722 (10 AM - 6 PM, Monday to Saturday).

How can I track the status of my order?

You will receive messages on your registered mobile no. and email about the status of your order. You can also check it on our website under “My Order” section. Once you order on our website, you will receive message about the order confirmation and the expected delivery date of your order, along with tracking link. You can anytime track the order status.

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Shipping in India

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